Dedicated Energy Systems are a Viable Alternative to the Grid

We’ve all heard the stories about our failing electrical grids – prone to outages, costs increase, susceptible to outages from storms and natural disasters, etc. But improving or replacing these systems is not going to happen any time soon. It’s estimated that it would cost nearly $5 trillion to replace the ageing public utilities in the United States.

So what’s the alternative?

Dedicated Energy Systems are the Way of the Future

Dedicated Energy Systems are the best answer to untangling ourselves from the traditional power generation infrastructure. There are proven, cost-effective technologies that can be utilized to generate electricity “onsite” at a customer’s facility. These technologies can harness energy from various sources, including fuels like natural gas, battery storage, solar, wind, and more.

The problem is that people don’t know that there is an alternative to the grid. The general perception of a power utility is confined to the public model – a huge transmission grid built many years ago that generates and distributes power to countless users.

But this model isn’t working anymore because electricity generated by the public grid relies on power sources that are centralized, inefficient, unreliable, and expensive.

“The existing public utility had a monopoly on electric power that society has come to accept,” says Craig Clydesdale, Founder and CEO of OOM Energy. “But it’s as efficient as an old mainframe computer. We are in a different age now and the time has come for a better option.”

Indeed, the power industry has not experienced the revolution that hit computers. Transitioning from the centralized grid to your own DES is like going from a shared mainframe computer to a smartphone in your pocket.

Dedicated Energy Systems Are A Private Energy Source

The shift from a public utility to a “private utility” offers the most immediate and practical solution to eliminating the reliance on a system that is failing to meet customers’ needs. According to a recently published article in the Toronto Star, one of the reasons General Motors is shuttering one of its plants in Ontario is because of the rising cost of energy.

“Auto manufacturing requires a lot of electricity, and the cost of electricity in Ontario is 20 per cent higher than Michigan, 30 per cent higher Ohio, and 75 per cent higher than Texas. That’s not the deciding factor but it doesn’t help,” said Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains. “Nobody that I know has figured out a way how to fix that.”

The good news is that Dedicated Energy Systems are available today. Companies that transition to these systems get off the public grid immediately, having instant access to a more reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly source of power.

The system comes in a portable box placed outside of a facility, much like an air conditioning unit sitting beside a house. No transmission lines, no poles, and no wires are involved.

The power is not shared with other users – it is dedicated to providing electricity for one facility only. If there is a power outage from a storm or hydro pole going down, the user is not affected.

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As for being environmentally friendly, Dedicated Energy Systems operate at much higher efficiencies than traditional power systems, which means significantly lower CO2 emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. The smart design of the system makes it no louder than an idling car.

The physical Dedicated Energy System is a portable box and can be moved if required. The system can also be scaled up or down to meet changing energy needs of the user and can incorporate new green technologies and fuels as they become commercially viable.

Cleaner, Safer, and More Secure Energy

Dedicated Energy Systems are a cleaner, safer, and more secure alternative to the public electric power grid that helps create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Consider the following:

  • Power grids in North America are struck by a cyber or physical attack on average every four days.
  • Power losses usually stem from the public grid carrying power over great distances, using wires and poles from hydro, nuclear, solar, or wind sources.

The Dedicated Energy System has connected directly the facility onsite, so there is no risk involving storms and weather, and no power line losses.

Power is clean, reliable, and secure.

Businesses Have a Lot to Gain from Dedicated Energy Systems

There are numerous, real, and tangible benefits to transitioning energy production from centralized to Dedicated Energy Systems.

Reduces Business Costs

Businesses can expect significant savings in annual electricity costs when switching from the public electric power grid to a Dedicated Energy System. They operate on a fixed monthly contract basis.

This approach is more cost-effective than the public electric power grid because there are no legacy infrastructure costs to bear and private utilities are much more efficient.

Dedicated energy systems require no up-front capital investment from the user or subsidies from the government.

Achieves Reliable Energy

Dedicated Energy Systems take advantage of proven and reliable technologies to essentially create a power plant in a box.

These systems have a primary and secondary source of power that is synchronized, safeguarding against power interruptions.

With this configuration, Dedicated Energy Systems provide an uninterrupted power supply, eliminating blackouts and brownouts and resulting in reliable, steady delivery of electricity.

Generates Energy Efficiently

Dedicated Energy Systems operate at much higher efficiencies compared to the public grid. Up to 70% of electricity produced through centralized generation is lost during distribution along transmission lines.

Conversely, Dedicated Energy Systems, which operate without wires and poles, typically have efficiency rates that are over 85%. This means 85% of the energy produced by the system can be captured as electricity or usable heat.

This reduces costs, increases reliability and lowers CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint.

Easily Relocated

Dedicated Energy Systems can be located in the most efficient physical location and can be moved to other locations as required.

Adapts to Your Increasing Energy Needs

Dedicated Energy Systems can be adapted to meet the increasing energy needs of the user and can take advantage of more efficient technologies as they are proven and become available.

This eliminates the reliance on the public electric power grid to meet future energy demands.

Protects Your Energy from Cyber Attacks

In North America, power grids are struck by a cyber or physical attack approximately once every four days. Dedicated Energy Systems are “off the grid” and therefore not susceptible to these attacks.

Dedicated Energy Systems include safeguards that protect them from cyber attacks, making them inherently more secure. Vulnerabilities in the public utility are therefore not a threat to continuous business operations.

Dedicated Energy Systems Are a Viable Alternative to the Aging Grid

A smarter approach to energy generation and distribution is required; one that leverages the latest technologies and a variety of energy sources keeps rising costs in check is more reliable, keeps up with the increasing energy demand, and is more secure and better for the environment.

Dedicated Energy Systems are an innovative, yet proven approach that delivers those benefits.

OOM Energy is a Dedicated Energy Systems provider, an alternative to the traditional public electricity grid. Our mission is to combine our innovative approach to generating affordable and reliable energy with a commitment to the harmonious balance of people, planet, and profit.

We encourage you to request a no-obligation consultation with OOM Energy.

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