Ontario Will Face an Electricity Shortfall in the Next Five Years

According to an article published in the Globe and Mail on October 15th, “Ontario faces an electricity shortfall within five years and will need a combination of greater conservation efforts and new sources of power to meet customers’ needs.”

This information comes from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), and goes on to say that IESO recently released a forecast that predicts a capacity gap during peak-demand months starting in 2023 as a result of the closing of Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering nuclear plant.

IESO’s forecast is based on the assumption that current energy-efficiency and demand-reduction programs continue, and that these efforts continue to increase considerably over the next 15 years.

However, 758 renewable energy projects have been cancelled in recent times. These programs would have added more than 450-megawatts of energy to the public grid.

New Energy Investments Are Necessary to Meet Future Demands

Premier Doug Ford also pledged to cut hydro bills by 12% during the most recent election.

A spokesperson for Energy Minister Greg Rickford said that “the government remains committed to reducing electricity rates by 12 per cent. That is a challenge, given that the system has a significant amount of fixed costs, and needs new investment to meet future demand.”

David Butters, president of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario states that “generation fired with natural gas could provide more capacity, but those producers will need considerable lead time and some changes to the market rules to provide incentives for the required investment”.

Mr. Butters made it clear that time is of the essence. “It’s important we look at this now so we can be prepared.”

In Search of a Viable Alternative to the Failing Public Grid

An alternative to the public grid, Dedicated Energy Systems (DES’s), should receive serious consideration as governments and businesses try to figure out how to keeps rising costs in check while developing energy sources that are more reliable, keep up with increased demand, are more secure and better for the environment.

Today’s public electrical grid relies on centralized, inefficient, and unreliable power sources. DES’s are a smart approach to energy generation and distribution that leverage the latest technologies and a variety of energy sources that bypass the grid entirely and deliver energy to specific facilities without “the use of poles”.

This is the kind of innovative thinking required to ensure we are not handcuffed by an old architecture that gets more expensive to maintain every year, and that requires significant infrastructure investments just to keep up with current demand.

OOM Energy is a Dedicated Energy Systems provider, an alternative to the traditional public electricity grid. Our Mission is to combine our innovative energy solution, expertise, and commitment to the balance of People, Planet, and Profit to help build a sustainable world.

We encourage you to find out if OOM Energy is a good fit for your business today.

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